Today I laughed out aloud after I saw a discussion on Twitter about how it is us parents who make the buying decisions in our homes, not our kids. You wish! I thought. The discussion was on the recent ads and packaging by Brookside for their Dairy Fresh Yoghurt that features Disney characters and someone was saying the toon targets kids yet it's the adults buying. ''is-a-lie'' and we all parents know who makes the purchasing decisions, at least when it comes to our kids. On Saturday I was looking for trousers for my five-year-old son but ended up buying  a jumper that had Chase the dog because I knew the kids would love it. My son would rather carry his torn to tatters Lightning McQueen bag to school than a new bag we bought him that has no cartoon character. Woe unto me if I bring home a birthday cake that is not cartoon-themed. You will see the disappointment. Then you understand that it is not just about cake. May be I should be more worried that Disney has brainwashed my kids! My youngest hates yoghurt. But since Sofia showed up on the pack, she actually carried the yoghurt outside to show her friends, "I have Sofia Yoghurt," she screamed at the top of her voice. "And Frozen, and Moana." She didn't care the flavour. Just Sofia was on it. I have sworn never to buy Jawbreakers and Skittles because I think they are a waste of money but I would be a cruel mom to ignore two months of pleas, "Mum please bring me a jawbreaker. I wont bite it with my teeth. You can even buy me on Sunday after church," the negotiations go. You still want to brag that it is you who does the purchasing, not your kids?   Side Note: I have finally managed to convince the kids not to watch Vampirina the new cartoon on Disney Junior. Even before I watched it, I hated that the story was about a vampire, regardless of how nice she was and the many lessons she taught on tolerance. No, someone was not about to make my kids think that vampires, ghosts, and coffins are cool. But the tots loved the sound track and story. After battling within my conscience, and someone mentioning how Vampirina sleeps in a coffin and drinks blood, I decided that was it. I sat them down and told them no, Vampirina is not a good cartoon. It has scary things and we are not going to watch it. And Yesterday when the cartoon came on, I asked them to change and they did and affirmed, Vampirina is  bad cartoon. I hope in my absence they will still do the same. At least in the past we have been successful in banning Aerial the Little Mermaid because it gave me the hibbie jibbies. I love Moana's music but my son saw it at a neighbour's house and walked out midway to tell me that "they are watching a bad cartoon" because of the fire monster scene.

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