creation big bang Ever wondered where our history lies in the Biblical context? I attempted to compile my own biblical cum historical timeline because deep inside I am a child of faith and science and one who wishes science and religion shouldn't be in such a collision. Si they can help each other through history? Like this week I saw a scientific article that said sharks are older than tree, for example. Someone else was wondering how we can be receiving evidence from billions of light years away when the universe is only 14 billion years old. What do you think? Can I have my cake and eat it? Did pre-adamic creatures exist that used tools? When was the world created? Did Noah know Abraham? 14 billion years ago? Universe? 4.6 billion years ago? Big bang? Solar nebular?

6000 BC tools, stone age, homo erectus 5529BC creation? 4500BC copper age 5000-3500BC sumerians 4000-3000BC bronze age

4004/4027BC Adam, garden of Eden 4000 BC first neolithic settlers in Malta 3500BC mesopotamic writing 3382-3017 BC Enoch 3317-2348 BC Methuselah 3300 BC bronze age in Indus valley 3227-3102 BC Krishna? 2898-1948 BC Noah 2800 BC Gilgamesh historical leader 2348 BC flood 2100 BC tower of Babel City of ur Melchizedek 2085 BC Abraham 2038BC Eber 1800 BC Mayas 1792BC King Hammurabi 1650BC Joseph 1500BC Incas 1447BC The Exodus 1300BC Moses 563BC Budha 551BC Confuscius 540BC Jainism 6BC Christ 50 CE agnotism 70 CE New Testament 570CE - 632 Muhammad 590 AD Roman Catholicism Shakers Millerites 610 AD Islam 1845 AD Seventh Day Adventist Unity School of Christianity 1928 AD Opus dei

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