I am reading Max Lucado's "Fearless" and there's a chapter about parenting. I loved this bit: "Prayer is the saucer into which parental fears are poured to cool. Jesus says so little about parenting, makes no comments about spanking, breastfeeding, sibling rivalry or schooling. Yet his actions speak volumes about prayer. Each time a parent prays, Christ responds. His big message to moms and dads? Bring your children to me. Raise them in a greenhouse of prayer. When you send them off for the day, do so with a blessing. When you tell them goodnight, cover them in prayer. Is your daughter stumped by geography homework? Pray with her about it. Is your son intimidated by the new girl? Pray with him about her. Pray that your children have a profound sense of place in this world and a heavenly place in the next. " "Jairus isn't the only one to run into gospel pages on behalf of a child. A mother stormed out of the Canaanite hills, crying, "Mercy, Master, Son of David! My daughter is cruelly afflicted by an evil spirit. ... The Canaanite mother. The father of the epilectic boy. Jairus. These three parents... held the end of their rope in one hand and reached toward Christ with the other. In each case Jesus responded. He never turned one away. His consistent kindness issues a welcome announcement: Jesus heeds the concern in the parent's heart. After all, the kids were his kids first. "Don't you see that children are God's best gift, the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?"psalm 127:3. Before they were ours, they were his. Even as they are ours, they are still his. We tend to forget this fact, regarding our children, as though we have the final say in their health and welfare. We don't. All people are God's people, including the small people who sit at our tables. Wise are the parents who regularly give their children back to God."

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