About two years ago I hosted a busload of my relatives and my mom's friends who had come for a 'baby holding' function. For those without copy, this is when people who love you more than you often realise decide to come greet your newborn, with lots of bags of new clothes and a handsome envelope. Anyway, I hosted around 50 Wameru, an honour I might not have again - at least in that form. And it made me realise what a gem a wedding day is, because it is the only other day I ever had a chance to throw a party for all the people who made up my growing up years and who were entering my future. Then, I didn't see it that way. I was looking at the budget and bargaining with my mother not to bring the entire village to my wedding. Which she did, with a 60-seater Chogoria Girls bus. But now I appreciate how special it was to have my distant relatives and all the people I knew growing up and my collegemates celebrating me on my big day. Nowadays when someone tells me he/she wants a small wedding, or no wedding at all, I say, if you can afford it, throw the biggest party you can for all the people attending your wedding. You will most likely never get another chance to ever do that for those people. And as the counsellor in the clip below says, you don't want the day all the people you love gather together under one roof to be at your funeral. Money comes and money goes but the memories are forever. I have attended my share of weddings, sometimes of people I don't know very well and I enjoy myself. Hey, it's a party.  Here's the inspiring clip from the Steve Harvey Show that captures my sentiments. https://www.facebook.com/SteveHarveytv/videos/2196670380564755/

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