I have an annoying habit of writing notes and forgetting to write the author or source. Months or years later I come across gems I wish to share but do not know who to ascribe them to. I stumbled upon these and they are a gem for mothers. I cannot trace the original text and in the spirit of Paul's words to Timothy, "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others. " So as a reliable witness, I share: "When God gives us children, he answers a lot of questions in our lives, even ones we may not have thought to ask. Like: - What should I do with my life? - What is it like to to give my body up for someone else? - How attached am I to privacy? - How selfish am I when giving feels forced upon me? - Do I trust my husband as a father? - Does my faith hold on during the third week or third year of sleep deprivation or is it a product of my ability to string together rational thoughts? - How weird am I about food? - What strong opinions don't I have about clothing, sleepovers, education, extra curricular activities? Being a mom brings it all to the surface. It reveals a more truthful version of ourselves because we are now shaping a life. Mothers are making decisions every day that can and often will impact another person's entire existence. Our children need a day in day out one-on-one relationship with their mom. If God saves your children, he intends to use you as one of the pointers to his glorious saving face. He means for you to play a part, a good and integral part in their story. Jesus told us to make disciples and raising children is the most concentrated opportunity we have to obey that command. Motherhood is the transmission of a God-centred Christ-treasuring vision of life to your children.


    1. Parenthood of course is for both parents. I can only share my journey as a mother. I also think mothers are wired specially to be the primary care givers. What do you think?

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