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"Follow me."
That is what Jesus told the disciples when he found them fishing. He was about to turn them into fishers of me, if they followed him.
He says he same thing to us, "Follow me."

It is 'we' who are to follow Christ, not him follow us. I've been thinking about how often, we treat Christ like an appendage, an add-on that makes us look good and acceptable, rather than the Lord who demands the wheel of our lives. We sash him like a passenger beside us, or back left, or we have him walking beside us speaking to us through the window while we run our lives unperturbed, undisturbed, uninterrupted, only to ask him to take the wheel when we are crushing or incapacitated. Sometimes when we give testimonies we sound as if we are the ones who did Christ a favour by accepting him into our lives. Like he came to our lives to pander to our whims like a genie and demand nothing of us- not our time, not our children, not our resources, not our devotion, and certainly not our very own lives.

The call is to follow Christ wherever he may lead. The right response is to say "Yes, Lord, wherever you lead, I follow." We are to take up his cross, his agenda, his will, his plan. These may, and most times will look different to what we may have had in mind for ourselves, but that's the thing with following- you just never know where the path will lead. It's scary, confusing, but also amazing. Following Christ scares me because often, he never shows the complete path. In fact, he reveals his will once we step out in obedience. He parts the Jordan after our feet have touched the water. I'm afraid that I delay the miracle as I camp by Jordan waiting for the water to part, yet God is waiting for my feet to get wet.

Following Christ will make demands of us and push us in directions we may never have chosen for ourselves. See Moses having to go back to Egypt where he had run away from. Or Mary becoming a teen unwed mother. Or Paul going from persecutor to persecuted right to his death. Taking up the cross always comes at a cost. Follow Christ wherever he goes, and sometimes that will be to prison, or a shipwreck, or a pit in he desert, Potiphar's house or the palace.

If being a Christian hasn't altered your life significantly, are you even following him or your Jesus is on the backseat while you sing "Jesus take the wheel". If we follow Christ, it will show in who we become, how we treat people, how we use our time, money, passions, what dreams we run after, what things you say yes to, what sacrifices you make for the make of the kingdom, how we grow.

Don't be content just following your dream blindly. Follow Christ and his dream for you. He has one and it will be far better than any dream you could ever have dreamed for yourself. Let your dream and desires and ambitions be purified and sanctified at the cross.
Follow God's dream. The cost of obedience is high. But not as high as the price you will pay for disobedience. May you have enough courage to trust the heart of the Father who says, "Follow me."

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