There has been a lot of relationship oversharing on social media streets lately, which is followed by comments from kamati with #ItWillEndInPremiumTears.
I had decided to go low key as we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.  After all the world doesn't exactly care that we are happy or blessed, in trouble, fighting or making up. Our photos and celebration may make some happy for us and become #goals, but for others they may just satisfy a passing curiosity or even spark mschews, envy or worse still inadequacy. I was gonna keep all these blessings to myself because pause and ponder #selah, I consider myself blessed beyond measure.

But I read a statement that our lives are to magnify God, make him look exceedingly great. Ten years of our marriage magnify God. They point to a God who overwhelms us with his mercies. Yaani... He who brought us together, provided for us to be joined in marriage, blessed us with children, sustained us, fought our battles, forgave our sins, bears with our shortcomings, called us into his family, surrounded us with friends and family, answered our prayers, taught us to depend on him, deepened our love for each other, strengthened our faith, gave us hopes and dreams, taught us to parent, taught us to love and forgive, daily bears our burdens...

We have so much that makes God look exceedingly great in our lives. We testify of God's kindness, faithfulness, providence. He has been kind, loving, faithful, true... A father who has borne us, the third cord in our rope, our firm foundation, our rock of refuge, our immeasurable treasure.  We are grateful, humbled, blessed.

Muse God gave you to me for the ups and downs, for days of doubt and faith and for moments of lack of focus and of clarity. We were made for the seasons. We were made to magnify God. Wakwa, you continue to bless me. You are kind, you are generous, a man of integrity and still funny so many years later. I know you always got my back no matter what cuts between us.

So 10 years we tell of the marvelous things God has done. We recount his mighty deeds. We recall his deliverance. We are grateful for his comfort. We marvel at his providence.

"O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them." Psalm 40:5


  1. Wow!Love this!”We have so much that makes God look exceedingly great in our lives.” We got to magnify His name and all glory to Him!I am so happy and proud of what you 2 have become.I love your love story…to many more,He who began this will take it to the heights He ordained your marriage for!Happy Anniversary love birds!

  2. Indeed it is good to testify of the goodness of the lord.What a beautiful story.
    May God continue to bless and increase you and yours .

  3. This is beautiful!
    And indeed we see God’s greatness in you people! Marriage is beautiful when you are just you! Simple. no madoido!

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