Gospel artist Guardian Angel sings in 'Rada': "wamekubandika majina... lakini hawajui kunaye anayepeana majina."

That phrase popped out for me as I listened to the song. There is one who gives names. He called Abraham 'Abraham' instead of Abram, and from that day forth, the father of faith became the father of many nations. We forgot about Abram and now know Abraham. It struck me the way one moment after God changes their names, everybody started referring them by their new identity. Even saying Sarai sounds off. There's one who gives us new names.

As for me, I've bandikad myself names. Yaani I've analysed my sins, my past, my limitations, dreams, personality, education, IQ, EQ, risk profile, name it, and given myself a name, an identity. Thankfully, who we were is not necessarily who we will be. How we see ourselves is not how God sees us. We see our past and present, he sees whom he made us to be, the masterpiece he created us for the good works he preordained for us before creation. There's one who gives new names.

What have you called yourself in the past and what is God calling you in your new nature or new season? Have people always known you as the deceiver yet God is about to call you Israel? Have you always known yourself as the stammerer yet God is calling you his spokesperson to Pharaoh and the entire nation of Israel?

I've limited myself by how I have known myself in the past. Yet I understand that God can and does give us new names, identities, callings separate from what we have always been. If he births us a new in Christ, if he makes us a new creation, it is possible that we will be very different people from whom we were in the past when we embrace our new identities.

God is in the business of making new men and women of us. We are a new breed. He is giving us new names. And it doesn't matter what we have called ourselves in the past or what others have known us by. They knew Saul the one who persecuted the Church. God called him Paul, his witness before nations and kings.

I totally feel Sarah, who when told, again, she would have a son, laughed and probably said to herself, "who, me? Are you sure? (Turns around to see if there's someone else being addressed behind her). You don't know me." Because I'm queen at disqualifying myself. "Who, me? I'm not like that. I don't have those kind of resources. I'm not gifted like that. I have never dreamt of doing that. There are other better suited people. I come from blah blah. I don't know people. I don't know how to do that. I live in Kenya…"

I pray I may see myself the way God sees me and I may walk fully in my new identity and name. I pray I will kubali. What is God calling you this season? If God has called you that, even if you don't believe it right now, even if you have no children and God is calling you father of many nations, kubali (accept). May our prayer be, 'Be it unto me, according to your word'.

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  1. Kweli kabisa,we need to kubali and let God work in us to perfect us to be the beings He wants us to be.Thanks Brenda for the reminder dear!Wacha nikubali!

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