Sheep of his pasture

I have been struggling with self effort and self determination lately. I feel I need to figure out who I am, what I want and then pursue and overtake those things.

But then there's the frustration of the gap between where I am and where I want to be, who I am and who I need to be.

Today my devotion led me to Psalm 100 verse 3. We have a shepherd. We have one who made us and has taken up the duty to care for us.

We are the sheep of his pasture.
We are his. We belong to the great shepherd of our souls.
We are not lost or scattered sheep. We have an owner that loves us and cares for us and seeks us out when we wander, or when we are lost. He leaves the 99 to find that one which is lost. He seeks out the other sheep that belong to his flock to bring them home. We have not been abandoned to our own devices or self determination.

John tells us He is a good shepherd who knows his sheep.
We have been chosen to belong to his pasture, carefully handpicked according to the pleasure of his will to be adopted into his family, that he may show the depths and riches of his kindness to us.

If we belong to a flock, and have a good shepherd, we need to be dependent on him.
We need to trust the shepherd.
He knows his sheep and calls us by our names.
We matter to the shepherd. He lays his life down for the sheep.
We need not have fear. The owner of the sheep is in charge. He never sleeps or slumbers.
He gently leads.

He leads us to pasture.
We shall not lack. The grass on the fields is his.
He restores us, for his name's sake.
He protects us, walks with us.
He honours us before our enemies, our cups are overflowing.
None shall pluck us out of his hand.

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