The God who sees me

The God who sees me

When words are not enough to speak what's breaking my heart
When tears are clouding my eyes and I keep blinking to hide them
There's a God who truly sees me
He sees my heart.

Embarrassed to voice out some prayers
Feeling like I am expecting too much yet deserving too little
Yet there is a God who truly sees me
He sees me with my racing thoughts.

He sees each dark secret, each haunting fear
Each failure, every anxiety, judgement and criticism that breaks me
There is a God who truly sees
He sees my past.

He sees every tag I have placed on myself
Every wound that keeps me from moving on
He sees every quirk, every imperfection
Every passion and scared dream
At his feet I feel seen

The eyes of the God of the universe are on lowly me
He who sees every flower and blade of grass, every sparrow and hair on my head
Who's inscribed my name on the palm of his hand
Who did not hold back his only son
But freely gave him up for me
He sees me.

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